Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I make soap in my dreams.......

Last night I dreamt that I was making soap. This is likely because I have been making a lot lately. Custom orders, test batches, and writing out recipes to try. I am also writing a fiction book with characters that make soap (of course!). Yesterday, my amazing mom came over to offer me a nap while she watched the littles. She had known that we haven't been getting much sleep lately. I replied with "or I could make soap", which she knew I would say. Making soap is really a passion for me, it makes me very happy.

This Thursday I am making shampoo bars. They have taken the place of shampoo in our house. Every time I make a batch they never seem to make it to the shop. Friends and family tend to get the fruits of this recipe. An extra long curing time means this next batch will be in the shop in mid June. Even with our hard water I have found that my hair looks so much better after about 2 weeks off of conventional shampoos and conditioners. The key is an apple cider vinegar rinse with herbs that suit your hair.

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