Monday, February 29, 2016

Shop News March 2016

 How are you!? I am writing this on a dreary February 29th/Leap Day afternoon. I have bread rising on the counter, and minestrone simmering on the stove. Next I plan to bake some pumpkin muffins for easy breakfasts this week, the littlest is napping and his older brothers are busy constructing a Lego castle . I will be sharing the recipe on my companion blog, Violets and Dandelions (currently under construction) later this week.

There are many changes happening with my little shop on Etsy. First of all, I have decided to go palm free. I have up to this point used RSPO (responsibly sourced palm oil), but after my own research I have decided to discontinue purchasing it. I do however have about 10 lbs left in my supplies and will use it until it runs out. I have been focusing on changing my recipe to make my soaps both palm free and vegan. I have found that recipe, and I am spending the next few weeks making soap to put in the shop which will be ready starting in April. So you will find both palm free/vegan as well as vegan with the RSPO palm I have until it runs out.

I am no longer carrying my sugar scrub cubes until I can come up with a way to make them both palm free and vegan. The soap base I can get for that comes with either palm or tallow.

Here are some palm free soaps I made this weekend:

Outer Banks Sea Spray soap, 100% organic coconut oil soap

Gentle Carrot and Coconut Milk soap

Close up of the Outer Banks Sea Spray soap

You may notice that I have a section in my shop called D E S T A S H. This is the year of decluttering for me, and I have an embarrassing amount of craft related items that I will be posting there. I already put some yarn up that sold. There will be fabric, including some Heather Ross fabric that is out of print. An Alicia Paulson Maggie Rabbit kit, knitting pattern books, more yarn, notions, and lots of vintage sewing patterns. We are trying to prepare for moving out of state by slowly releasing much of the 'stuff' that surrounds us. I will post on Facebook when I have everything listed.

In other news I am updating my labels, I sketched a new logo and have to paint it with watercolors and then scan it into the computer. Lots of fun stuff going on over here! Hope you are well!

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